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Maya Witenberg, Eliza Cahill, Jay Candelaria-Somarriba, Briana Jones, Zanah N. Ranjato Ranjato, Tasnim Sharif, Jesse Taylor, Alistair Watson & Oliver Whong
Can Goucher Become Carbon Neutral?

Goucher College, like other institutions of higher education, has made a commitment to protect the environment on campus and in the world, and climate change is one of most critical environmental threats facing Earth’s inhabitants.  As a result, the students from ES 415 – Climate Change analyzed the approaches used by over 50 Universities and Colleges to reduce their carbon footprint and to adapt to the effects of climate change.  Our investigation revealed that Goucher could become carbon neutral, and we are proposing that this important milestone could be achieved by the 150th anniversary of Goucher College in 2035.  To achieve this milestone, we identified strategies that could reduce greenhouse gas emissions originated from heating, electricity use, commuting, and air traveling.  In addition, we evaluated the predicted effects of climate change on the campus community, identifying potential vulnerabilities and recommending strategies to address them.


Joshua Miller
Restorative Action: A Goucher Oral History Project

This presentation will discuss an oral history project that I conducted interviews for over the course of 2020. The point of the overall project was to reflect on a hate crime that occurred in the fall of 2018 and targeted Black students while offering Black students the spotlight to reflect on their feelings about it after seeing how some news sources misrepresented what had happened.


Bethania Tadesse
Ethiopia Status on COVID-19

For this project, I had to research the current situation/status on COVID-19 in Ethiopia. During my research process, I had to look into the economic impacts, famine, the daily reported covid-19 cases along with the growth on numbers, and the supply shortage in hospitals for care. All of the information was presented for the organization’s COVID-19 crisis section and later presented to others in the community and representors in Ethiopia. I was apart of helping create their COVID-19 crisis section called “Wegne Le Wegne” which implication making social media accounts as a way to spread the information that we had collected.

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