12:40pm – 3:30pm

Kelley Lecture Hall

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12:40pm Grace Fischbach (2022)
Oratory Should Blow the Doors Off”: How the Writing in The West Wing Series Changed After Aaron Sorkin’s Departure

12:50pm Claire Edwards (2022)
The 9th Ourang-Outang: Connections Between “Murders in the Rue Morgue” and “Hop-Frog”

1:00pm Adele Ehrman (2022)
The Art of Playing Dead (a selection of poems and short essays)

1:10pm David Henry (2022)
Star Crossed Prophecy- A fish out of water

1:20pm Matthew Savin (2022)
Diseased Vehicles: Appalachian and Southern Gothics

1:30pm Jaimiah Brandon (2022)
Just Step

1:40pm Jamie Damm (2022)
Crave: A Selection of Poems


2:10pm Sam Stashhower (2022)
Doctor Who: The Four Pilots

2:20pm Sunny Butterfield (2022)

2:30pm Henry Robbins (2022)
Nearing the Equinox & Campus Poem

2:40pm Kendall Parker (2022)

2:50pm Ethan Keydel (2022)

3:00pm Josiah Acosta-Ballard (2022)

3:10pm Charlotte Willis (2023)
Come Home With Me in Pieces

3:20pm Avi Moss-Slavin (2022)

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