10:00am – 1:00pm

Julia Rogers G52

10:00am Angad Ahluwalia (2022)
Voices and Power: Media Narratives about Policing and People of Color

10:15am Nija Barnes (2022)
Balancing It All: Personal Recollections of Pregnancy and Childbirth

10:30am Leona Chambers (2022)
Manifesting Masculinity: Popular Music Narratives about Romantic and Sexual Relationships

10:45am Joel Gladney (2022)
How Young Adults Cultivate and Manage Romantic Relationships in the Digital Age

11:00am Luca Green (2022)
Made of Steel? The Collective Memory of the Sparrows Point Industry and Community

11:15am Ribeka Hunegnaw (2022)
“Not 100% Ethiopian or 100% American”: Cross-Cultural Identity Formation among Ethiopian Immigrants

11:30am Romaris Moquete (2022)
People and Place: Ways of Thinking about Race in the United States

12:00pm Kelsey Morrison (2022)
Dealing with Dyslexia: Struggles and Silver Linings of Learning Difference

12:15pm DeMya Myrick (2022)
Maternal Well-Being: The Joys and Difficulties of Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Postpartum Life

12:30pm Milena Pimentel Herrera (2022)
“If you’re not white, sorry”: The Development of Racial Consciousness among Minority College Students

12:45pm Tristan Whalen (2022)
Magic Despite Isolation: Community and Gameplay During the COVID-19 Pandemic