8:30am – 12:00pm

Julia Rogers 128

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8:30am Marquis Kurt (2022)
We Need to Talk About Social Media

9:00am Victoria Siegel (2022)
Simultaneous Localization and Mapping in Robotics

9:30am Melvin Yates (2022)
Battle Tank!

10:15am Nodar Sotkilava (2022) with Hal Stewart (2022)
A Model Approach to Red-light Cameras in Baltimore

10:45am Hal Stewart (2022) with Nodar Sotkilava (2022)
An Elementary Implementation of Elliptic Curves

11:15am K Hirgeto (2024)
Digitalizing Goucher: GHUB

11:30am Jordan Lewis (2022)
Cyber Security: How to Reduce Instagram’s Security Risk

11:45am Luka Trikha (2023)
Eyesight to the Blind: The Shocking Discovery of Electrical Outlets through Object Detection

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