12:00 – 1:00PM

Athenaeum, 4th Floor

Environmental Studies

Finny Ensminger
Migratory Bird Collisions at Goucher College

Destry Butler
What Influences How Organisms are Perceived by Humans?


Peace Studies

Lorenzo Barnett
Investigation of Chaptico “Indian Town”

Kaitlin Rowe
Native American Boarding Schools



Dylan Greifinger
The Leviathan and Its Corpus: An Ontological Biology of Non-Biological Persons



Laura Juda
English Speakers’ Perceptions of International Accents in the USA

Erica Adamson, Vanessa Cisse, Samantha Widenhouse, and Tsivi Laurence
Whose Class Is It Anyway? Effects of Narrative Voice in College Syllabi

Leah Barondes and Marysia McPherson
If You Believe, You Achieve: Autonomy-Relatedness Compatibility Beliefs Predict Healthy Conflict Resolution

Matthew Scott
Do Irrelevant Size Singletons Capture Attention in a Grasping Task?

Cleo Kaprielian, Alyssa Taylor-Axtell, Mirielle Skolnick, Aviva Datlof, Tyavia Townsend, and Katelyn Conrad
Children’s Concept of Conflicting Judgments and Fairness in Ambiguous Moral Situations



Nessa Rose Brooks
The Effect of Unconscious Biases on Pronoun Usage during Writing