9:00am – 12:30pm

Hoffberger 102

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Joshua Angstadt (2023)
Neolithic Period Changes to Ecology and Climate in the Levant and Mediterranean Region and Relation to Agrarian Societal Development
9:00 am

Isabel Young (2023)
The Mountains are Calling, and I Must Go: An Examination of Human Involvement in Conservation Methods within the Southeast United States
9:15 am

Mame Boye (2023)
Unearthing the Truth: Revealing the Human and Environmental Exploitation of South Africa’s Mining Industry
9:30 am

Celeste Fazioli (2023)
Environment vs. Society: What determines environmental health disparity in Baltimore City?
9:45 am

Vanessa Holloway (2023)
Costa Rica and Climate Change: Learning from a Leader in Sustainable Development
10:00 am

Nicholas Jackson (2023)
Current Wildlife Conservation, Public Awareness, and Policies in the Chesapeake Watershed
10:15 am

Maddi Levine (2023)
Socioeconomics of Fisheries in Coastal Alaska
10:30 am

Finley Lindsey (2023)
Current impacts of deforestation and conservation efforts in the Amazon Rainforest
10:45 am

Lexi Mason (2023)
Analyzing Methods and Goals of Species Conservation in the face of the Sixth Mass Extinction
11:00 am

Julia Miller (2023)
CO2 Changes in the North Atlantic Over the Last 20,000 years: Comparing Past Changes to Modern Warming
11:15 am

Claudine Schwartz (2023)
Recent Global Jellyfish Blooms: Ecological and Economic Problems and Solutions
11:30 am

Luke Vincent (2023)
Updates to Electric Vehicles: Economic and Engineering updates for an Environmental Problem
11:45 am

Chase Yaculak (2023)
Simplifying the Understanding of Environmental Management Systems Implication, 2023
12:00 pm

Rebecca Balsan (2023)
Pollutants in the Hudson River: Causes, Effects, and Solutions
12:15 pm


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