1:00 – 3:00PM

Athenaeum, Batza Room

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Madeline Tredway – 1:00PM
Taking Inventory

Frances McPheely – 1:10PM
People as Places

Abby Morris – 1:20PM
The End of the World is Always Tomorrow

Eva Ojekwe – 1:30PM
Picture into the Past

Colette Dia – 1:40PM
Short Story Reading

Lydia Krajick – 1:50PM
My Dad: A Childhood & Beyond Remembered

Tatyana Jimenez – 2:00PM
Far From My Land

Natalie Edmonds – 2:10PM
Knit or Die!!

Ella Benson – 2:20PM
Dot Dot Dot

Ian Meyer-O’Connor – 2:30PM

Faye Gelner – 2:40PM
The Holiday Opossum & The Process of Revision

Rory Sweeting – 2:50PM
How to Never Forget: Legacy and Memory of the Holocaust in Central Europe