9:15am – 12:00pm

Kelly Lecture Hall

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9:15am Julia Gazzola (2022)
Characterization of putative testes-specific enzymes involved in cellular respiration in Drosophila melanogaster spermatogenesis

9:35am Jacky Machado-Conteras (2022) and Kayla Thomas (2022)
Quorum sensing capabilities in zebrafish bacterial symbionts Aeromonas and Acidovorax

10:00am Alex Coffin (2022) and Rebeca Torres-Granados (2022)
A role for regulation of TGFbeta signaling in zebrafish retinal neuron regeneration

10:25am Marcus Agyin (2022)
Development of novel antimalarial treatment: Laying the groundwork for allosteric inhibition of PfMDH and PfLDH

10:45am Ana Brown (2022)
Comparison of tree phenology in urban areas and green spaces

11:05am Lily Shaffer (2022) and Autumn Young (2022)
Analysis of the relationship between intraspecific diversity, herbivory, and traits of Solidago sempervirens

11:25am Stella Chock (2023)
Examining parental defense behavior in lab and wild populations of convict cichlids

11:45am Finley Lindsey (2023)
Examining fry movement in wild populations of convict cichlids

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