1:00pm – 2:00pm

Athenaeum 4th Floor


Getting Warmer: Syllabus Tone Impacts Student Perceptions of a College Course
Jessica DeKoven (2023), Mariah Lees (2023), Belle St. Jean (2024), and Vanessa Cisse (2024)


Broad Minds, Broadsides
Mixed Media 

A collection of broadside visual representations of original poetry composed and designed by students in WRT415: Advanced Poetry Workshop

(names in bold indicate that the artist will be present during the poster session to discuss their work)

Josiah Acosta-Ballard
Jupiter Berrysmith
Colin Binswanger
Carolena Brazfield
Leah Carroll
Hope Kamal
Liam McCrickard
Frances McPheeley
James Mitchell
Chapin Noel
Luna Siegel
Lea Singer
Clare Topping
Devin Turk
Amalya Weiss
Jonathan Yannes