9:30AM – 12:00PM

Buchner Hall (on-site only)


Rachel Herrarte – 9:30AM
Shifting Horizons: Latin American Immigrants Navigating Assimilation in the U.S.

Leila Malone – 9:50AM
Unseen Struggle: Invisibly Disabled Students, Identity, and Higher Education

Laila Shahin – 10:10AM
Voices of Resilience: Online Remembrance and Advocacy in Unveiling the Hazara Genocide

Taylor Urie – 10:30AM
It Was Just a Lot: Online Narratives of Mothers with Postpartum Depression

Aaliyah Ybarra – 10:50AM
Creating Bonds: The Relations and Emotions of Open Adoption

Bridget Young – 11:10AM
Piggybanks to Paychecks: The Financial Pathways of Goucher College Seniors

Olivia Alexander – 11:30AM
Dating and Desirability Politics: The Perspectives of Black Women at a PWI