9:00 – 11:30AM

Athenaeum 435

Join the Live Session


VLMC Capstone Presentations and Exhibition Openings

VMC Independent Study Presentations (VMC 299): Meeting in Special Collections and Archives

Han Levenson – 9:00AM
Tolerance, the Gaze, and the State of the Union

Vivian Huddleson – 9:15AM
The Lost Third Spaces: Remembering Forgotten Clubs at Goucher College


Senior Capstone in VMC & LIT (VMC 497 / LIT 497): Meeting in Special Collections and Archives

Bailey Devonish – 9:30AM

Han Levenson – 9:40AM

Emily Quinn – 9:50AM

Maura Tyson – 10:00AM


Goucher Collectors and their Collections: Objects of Beauty and Wonder from Across Asia (VMC 315): Meeting in Collaborative Humanities Lab Exhibition Space, Ungar Athenaeum, 4th floor

10:15 – 11:15AM – Dwayne Barnes, Madelyn Brown, Tristyn Brown, Bronwyn Burke, Lucas Guire, Han Levenson, Jamie Nguyen, Kimberly Schleimer, Harper Sutton, Ben Uscamayta-Alvarado