2:00pm – 4:00pm


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2:00pm Kalman Bokow (2022)
Bishop, Priest, Deacon and Slave: Catholic Opinion of Slavery Spanning the Hierarchy Before and Through the Civil War

2:15pm Matt Campbell (2022)
Historians’ Views of the Impact of the Revolutionary and Post-Revolutionary Periods on the Development and Formation of the American Middle Class

2:30pm Delany Comerford (2022)
The Cult of True Womanhood and White Southern Women

2:45pm Matthew Knudson (2022)
Spanish Blood in the Old and New World

3:00pm Joey Reisberg (2022)
Border to Border, Door to Door: Selected Homeward Poems of Rokhl Korn

3:15pm Sylvie Rood (2022)
Children of Saint-Domingue: Challenging Dominant Narratives of 19th C. French Imperialism

3:30pm Sean Swanson (2022)
The Dark Era of the Red Guard

3:45pm Meghan Winter (2022)
Native American Residential Schools: Then & Now

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