Center for Geographies of Justice


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10:00am Ashley Barnes
Passages to Peace: Alternative Conflict resolutions

10:25am Noah Block, Zoë Gilmore, Genesis Mendez-Hernandez
Avatar the Last Airbender as a Framework for Peace and Conflict Studies

11:40am India Fleming-Klink
Understanding Food as a Tool in Peace Building Praxis: My Peace Epistemology

12:05pm Olivia Haynes
Visualizing, Reconstructing, and Reconciling the Middle Passage

12:30pm Franny Harvey
FracPlanet: Exploring the Self & Developing a Peace Epistemology Through the Art of Research

12:55pm-1:20pm Mikayla Hinnant
Breaking Down Systems; A Case Study of Flint Michigan’s Water Crisis

1:50pm Natalie Malinowski
Creating Peace through the Expressive Arts

2:15pm Hana Martinez
Reawakening the Radical Imagination: A Historical Analysis of Visionary Practices

2:40pm Grace Platt
Celebrating Asian Identity at Goucher

3:05pm Jani Thacker
Self-love and Positive Self-reflection: defining one’s self as a Black-American in France

3:30pm Julia Weir
Practicing Restorative Justice Through Art and Yoga

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