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10:00am Erica Bulzomi
Proliferation & fate determination of regenerating retinal cells

10:15am Marcus Montisano
Alignment device for nanoscale electronics

10:30am Elizabeth Hughes/ Rylee McDonnell/ Emily Pochet/Kathryn Shannon
Characterizing Energy Production During Drosophila melanogaster Spermatogenesis and fertilization

10:55am Jeremy Bloch
Synthesis of Polypyridine Ligands and Polypyridine-Containing Metal Complexes Directed Towards Water-Soluble Catalysts for Organophosphate Decomposition

11:10am Will Witt
Determining the ligand of orphan olfactory receptor npr-18 in C. elegans

11:25am Madison Wester
Using long-term data to assess relationships among diversity, stability and productivity in plant communities

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