10:00am – 3:00pm


Maria Campbell (2023)
Media and Movements: The Fight for Marriage Equality in the United States
10:00 AM

Sophie Content (2023)
“Being taken seriously was everything”: Lived Experiences of Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
10:15 AM

Daniel Delanty (2023)
Open and Closed Doors: Power, Culture, and Multilingualism in the United States
10:30 AM

Alex Howard (2023)
Creation and Conformity: How Social Media Influences Young Women’s Self-Perceptions and Daily Behaviors
10:45 AM

Jude MacDonald (2023)
Lack of Faith: The Perspectives of Young Adults on the U.S. Legal System 
11:00 AM

Heymi Maldonado (2023)
First-Generation Latino College Students as Trailblazers in Education
11:15 AM

Sebastian Mendoza (2023)
Pueblo, Conciencia y Fusil: The Insurrectionist Path of the Chilean Revolutionary Left Movement
11:30 AM

Adrian Mubiru (2023)
First in My Family: Higher Education and the Pursuit of the American Dream
11:45 AM

Sara Naddaf (2023)
Shaping Selves: Competition, Concern, and the Art of Curation on Social Media
1:00 PM

Isaiah Perry (2023)
It’s Not (All) About the Money: Camaraderie, Emotions, and Awareness among Young Adult Male Gamblers
1:15 PM

Lillian Reiser (2023)
Unpacking the Suitcase: Cultural Transitions of Goucher Students Studying Abroad
1:30 PM

Thea Roland (2023)
Queering the Dialogue: How Young Adults Are Redefining Sex and Safe Sex
1:45 PM

Omar Sass (2023)
Building Awareness: Young Adults and the Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic
2:00 PM

Tashira Tucker (2023)
Everyday Social Media Use and Its Effects on the Wellbeing of Young Adults
2:15 PM

Sophia Tumolo (2023)
Traditional Men, Promiscuous Women: Misogynistic Ideologies and the Performance of Masculinities on TikTok
2:30 PM

Karla Vazquez (2023)
Stories of Friendship: The College Student Experience
2:45 PM