9:00am – 10:00am

Julia Rogers G48

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This panel features presentation from students about projects done outside of the classroom.

Micro-Internship with Parks and People
Alorah Collier (2025)
I plan on presenting about my experience with Parks and People, what I learned, and what opportunities I got from working there. I want to encourage folks to apply for micro-internship because of how helpful they are with getting work experience in the community.


When Whales, Vessels, and Spreadsheets Collide
Celeste Fazioli (2023)
Collisions between whales and small vessels can have significant consequences to both humans and whales, but are understudied in comparison to collisions between whales and ships. In part to address that gap in scholarship, this project seeks to collect reports of collisions that specifically result in human injury, submersion, and/or vessel damage to analyze the frequency and details of those events. By better understanding the seasonal timing and geographic location of these events, and comparing this to whale species presence, behavior, and distribution, we hope to increase vessel operator awareness and improve small boat operational safety in times and areas where whales occur. When these events happen, they are recorded with local marine mammal stranding networks or vessel strike reports, with data often being reported to different programs within and across government agencies. Consequently, there are many entities that report these events, but there is not a centralized database of vessel strike events. In response, we have engaged in this project proactively by developing a data framework for tracking these incidents, optimized for future works to build on.


Goucher Refuge Task Force
Skye Bonsall-Shepherd (2022)
Andre Bisimwa (2022)
Chloe Mickelson (2022)
Morgan Jackson (2022)