8:00AM – 12:00PM

Julia Rogers 128

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John Foster – 8:00AM
Evading a Firewall with a VPN and Detecting Firewall Evasion

Alee Marshcke – 8:30AM
Fielding Uncertainty: Using Probabilistic Bayesian Neural Networks to Predict MLB Batting Averages

Abou Makine – 9:00AM
Dish Destiny

David Suzuki – 9:30AM
A Probabilistic Bayesian Neural Network on Flux Orientations

Isabel Rosenthal – 10:00AM
Modeling Invasive Species Spread and Management

Maxwell Plotkin – 10:30AM
Dr. SATsolve or: How I Learned to Curb Ambition and Get it Done

Dylan Weston – 11:00AM
Distribution Efficiency of an Intake Manifold

Jeremiah Odubade – 11:30AM
Optimizing a Magnetic Cannon