8:45am – 3:00pm

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8:45am Tasos Tagtalenidis
3D Game Design in Unity

9:00am Ariana Hooper
Database Game Development

9:30am Connor Ferwerda
Ground Control to Major Tom: Fixing, Flying, and Applying Tracking to the Pooper Trooper

10:00am Audrey Maxwell
Building a Social Media App: Learning Full Stack Web Development

10:30am Kalilah Robinson
From MUD to App: A Journey in Game Development

11:00am Zoe Johnson
The Traveling Caterpillar: A Django-Based Web Application

11:30am Zack Palmer
The Capstone Gambit

12:00pm Andrew Harper
Chef Bot: The Recipe-Suggesting Chatbot

12:30-1:00 Break

1:00pm Matthew Gilley
Modeling Covid-19 risk

1:30pm Anya Schwartz
LGBTQ Representation in YA BOOKS: Database Creation & Statistical Analysis

2:00pm Vida Fye
Predicting Gentrification: An Exploration of Neighborhood Change in the Rustbelt through Logistic Regression Analysis

2:30pm Ephrata Zelleke
The Mathematics of String Theory

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