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9:30am Beatriz Costilla
Generations in the Classroom: Teachers, Students, and Perspectives on Educational Change

9:45am Lou Fusco
Out of the Closet: An Examination of Queer Style and Gendered Respectability Politics

10:00am Olivia Jobe
Full House: Family Dynamics of Single Parent and Blended Households During the COVID-19 Pandemic

10:15am Emily Knight
“Love is Like Corn”: The Trials, Tribulations, and Rewards of Modern Relationships in the 21st Century

10:30-11:00 Break

11:00am Stephan Lee
The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Asian American Lives

11:15am Madeleine Lemen
Multi-Love in Lockdown: Polyamorous Couples in the Age of COVID-19

11:30am Carmyn McDuffie
The Importance of Healthy Eating: College Students’ Perceptions of Nutrition on and off Campus

11:45am Danielle Newman
“All Women are Vulnerable”: Sharing about Selves and Safety in a True Crime Online Community”

12:00pm Christina Pevey
Other Things Besides Eating: The Influence of Time, Stress, and Place on the Food Habits of College Students

12:15pm Laura Scholfield
Digital Politics: Interpreting the 2020 Presidential Election in Online Spaces

12:30 – 1:30 Break 

1:30pm Lucas Terry
Superhero Morality: The Lessons of a Modern Mythology

1:45pm Tessa Theberge
“Dancing around Death”: Perceptions and Understandings of Death Among Goucher College Students”

2:00pm Nicole Wilkerson
Her Crown Is Worthy: Exploring Black Women’s Perceptions of Natural Hair and Natural Hairstyles

2:15pm Jazmine Williams
The Real Price of Education: Exploring the Lives of Low-Income College Students

2:30pm Mary Zynn
Involuntarily Unsocial: The Social Lives and Wellbeing of College Students in the Year of COVID-19

2:45pm Ashley Barnes
Bigfoot Believers: The Search for Credibility, Connection, and Affirmation

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