Care and Control : the role of health in the French immigration system today

Sarah Grace LeFevre ‘20

Economics & French Double Major
Faculty Sponsors: Kathryn St. Ours & Mark Ingram


France’s history is marked by migration. For centuries, merchants, craftsmen and intellectuals crossed the continent to practice their trades or start new lives. France also has a long history of forced migration: from the realities of World Wars, the expulsion of the Jews, to colonialization in Northern Africa. To this day, migration continues for many different reasons and by law foreigner has the right to apply to immigrate without restriction. Conversely, the large-scale immigration “crisis” of recent years has unintentionally created tension causing mass social and political uproar. This large wave of panic and contestation is highlighting some interesting aspects of immigration that were not initially evident. Through much research, a recent centralization of health in the process of immigration has been found. In addition, there is suggestion that the centralization of health is related and a reaction to the large crisis of migration.


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