Comparing Two Education Systems

Education Pedagogy, Health Programs, Technology and the Enrollment Process in L’Institut Sainte-Famille d’Helmet and Western School of Technology and Environmental Science


Paige Beverly ’20

French Major, Education Minor
Faculty Sponsor: Mark Ingram


This body of work compares the education systems of two vastly different countries: Belgium and the United States. When observing two specific schools with Brussels and Baltimore, Maryland, is it possible to compare the two? Well, maybe by observing similar topics within each school system it could determine if one school system functions more effectively than the other. This paper will observe L’Institut Sainte-Famille d’Helmet, a primary and secondary education school in Schaerbeek, Belgium and Western School of Technology and Environmental Science, a magnet public high school in Baltimore, Maryland. Within these two schools, there will be an observation and analysis of each school’s teaching methods, health programs and initiatives, use of technology and the process of enrollment. Does one school system work more effectively than the other in these domains and possibly overall?