Teaching Methodologies Associated with Academic Success in Statistics

Alexyss Pawlak ’20

Mathematics Major and Concentration in Secondary Education
Faculty Sponsor: Professor Thomas Narock


My project is on the teaching methodologies that have been associated with academic success in statistics. Of the teaching methodologies I studied, cooperative learning and the application of technology were chosen to be integrated into two different lesson plans for Professor Thomas Narock’s two section of DMC 106 at Goucher. The statistical topic chosen for the lessons was the determination and understanding of p-values. A pre- and post- test were administered to the students for data analysis and to see how students’ comfortability level and understanding of p-values positively changed after the instruction of the two different lessons. Analyses were then made between the lessons to determine the effectiveness of both the cooperative learning lesson and the technology lesson to see which one resulted, if at all, in a higher level of understanding for the students.