How to Add Captions to Your Videos

There are several reasons why adding captions to your videos can be beneficial such as legal requirements to comply with ADA, better comprehension for second language learners, better focus and retention for students, and the captions are searchable with control + F. Usually, it takes 10 minutes to caption 1 minute of video. To caption […]

Fuze Phone System

Goucher College uses a Fuze phone system for campus users. Frequently Asked Questions: Is there a Reference GuideĀ available on telephone functions? How do I set up my voice mail? How do I change my voice mail pin? How do I transfer a call? How do I do a conference call? How do I access my […]

Logging Into The Panopto Web Site

Start by going through GoucherLearn. Most students can watch videos posted by their instructor without a separate login. Clicking on the video title from the link in GoucherLearn should automatically log you into Panopto to watch the video. If your session times out, go back to GoucherLearn and login there. Need to login directly? However, […]

Horizon MyApps @ Goucher

  What is Horizon MyApps? Horizon MyApps is a site that allows Goucher users to run specialty software from their own computer through the Horizon Client application. The specialty software is actually running on a Goucher server although it appears to be running from your own computer. Examples of student software: SPSS MATLAB MS Office […]


What is Goucher provides Box.Com accounts for all current faculty and staff for storing computer files and folders. Files stored in a Box account can be accessed from multiple locations (home, office, etc.), from multiple devices (computer, phone, tablet), and are safe when unexpected technical problems arise (breakage, loss, theft, etc.) Table of Contents […]

New Features in InsideGoucher

InsideGoucher is now running on Sharepoint 2013. The upgrade has provided a fresh, new look with some nice features. Frequent users will also notice that problems we’ve experienced with Sharepoint 2010 have been resolved. Click the link below to find out about some of the new features and changes. SharePoint 2010 vs SharePoint 2013