Uploading Audio/Video to GoucherLearn via Panopto For Students

Purpose:  Goucher College uses Panopto to host a variety of audio and video files. When uploaded, these files become available as links in a GoucherLearn course, where course participants can stream the content to their own computer. Before You Begin: Panopto must be set up in GoucherLearn by the course instructor for student use. Make sure the […]

Free Study Apps That You’ll Actually Use

Pomodoro – Allows you to allot time to focus on studying, projects, etc. in productive increments.  Allows you to manage your tasks, track your progress, and maximize productivity by letting you customize how long you want to work and how many breaks to take. Evernote – Unlike the “Notes” app on the iPhone, Evernote allows you to log […]

Guide to Online Goucher Services for Faculty

NAME OF SERVICE LINK TO SITE WHAT IT DOES MyGoucher My.goucher.edu Use for official course roster and for grades More support: MyGoucher FAQs GoucherLearn Learn.goucher.edu Use as a course website; enrollment is automatic Share materials with your students More support: GoucherLearn Support Blog Password change Password.goucher.edu To update your Goucher password e2 Campus Notifications Tinyurl.com/e2-campus-goucher […]

Accessing Student Email on an Android Phone

**Students accessing their email from a regular computer can simply point their browser to mail.goucher.edu.** Go into Settings on your phone. Select Add account.   Select Google. Select Existing account from the options. On the next screen, a login will appear. Press the icon in the top-right corner (looks like 3 dots), and select Browser […]

Accessing Student E-mail On An iPhone or iPad

 **Students accessing their email from a regular computer can simply point their browser to mail.goucher.edu.** If you have an iPhone or iPad, the Gmail application can be installed through the Application Store.                    Once installed, open the Gmail application and you will see the home page for Gmail. Log in by only using your […]

Convert Email Addresses in Excel to Outlook Email List

How do I convert a column of email address in Excel to a useable list in Outlook? Notes: These instructions work for both PC and Mac computers, using Outlook or Outlook Web Access. The email addresses must be complete (name@server.xxx) and listed in a single Excel column to use these instructions successfully. Steps: Copy and […]