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Setting Up A VPN Connection


VPN, short for “Virtual Private Network”, is a type of connection from a computer on the internet (a public network) to a private network (such as Goucher College). A VPN connection allows users who are away from campus to access files usually only available from computers set up in offices, classrooms, or labs in campus buildings.

Follow these steps to set up a remote VPN connection from an off-campus computer.

Before you begin:

  • VPN will only work from off-campus and does not work when connected to the Goucher network on campus.
  • Check your computer to see if Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client is already installed. If so, launch this program to connect remotely.
  • A different connection is needed for access to library and research databases. To access the library’s electronic resources from off-campus go to the library homepage.


    1. Open a web browser and go to Download Cisco Connect VPN Client Software. This page has direct links to the client. Please read through these instructions first before installing.
    2. PC Users: Download and install the MSI client. Then follow the prompts as provided to complete the installation. Mac Users only: Download and install the DMG client. During installation, you will need to make sure that only VPN is selected just like in the image below:

      VPN Install OptionsOnce the install is complete, you will also be prompted to allow the Cisco System Extension. You will be prompted to Open Preferences and select the Allow option. Then you’ll be able to click Finish to end the install wizard.Security Preferences

    3. From this point forward for all users, right-click the AnyConnect icon (Pic1 below) in your system tray (Windows) or Menu Bar (Mac) to connect/disconnect your Goucher VPN connection. Make sure the server is set to remote.goucher.edu (Pic2 below), select Goucher Network from the drop down list, and then enter your Goucher credentials when prompted.

    Pic1: Cisco AnyConnect Icon

    Pic2:Cisco Connect Window

    Pic2:Cisco Connect Window

    Once a VPN connection is established, go to Guide: How to access Darwin, Magellan, or Meyerhoff  to learn how to navigate to your network files.