Canvas New Discussions/Announcements on July 20, 2024

Canvas is rolling out a new design for Discussions and Announcements on July 20th, 2024.

All existing Discussions and Announcements will be updated to the new design on this date. No current discussion options will be discontinued, but Discussions will have an updated user interface and new features. This update will also have an impact on the Announcements interface. The new design is already available for Teachers to turn on in their courses earlier than July 20th if desired (see below for more details).

Included in this notice:

  • What’s New
    • Interface Modifications
    • New Features
  • Learn More
  • Switching to New Discussions/Announcements Early


Interface Modifications

For individual discussion and announcement topics, the following modifications have been made:

  • The toolbar appears at the top of the discussion and announcement thread.
  • Newest replies display at the top of the first page instead of the bottom of the last page.
  • Users can sort replies from newest to oldest, or oldest to newest.
  • Users can also quickly move to the top of the discussion or announcement at any time.
[Screenshot of current discussion thread compared to new discussion thread]

Current/Previous Discussion Screenshot

New Features

  • Anonymous discussions.*
  • Labels for posts created by the “Author” or  “Teacher” for easy identification. Posts from TAs will also be labeled as “Teacher”.
  • A streamlined view of multiple replies to the same post that can be displayed either “inline” (click to expand) or in a “split view” (in a side panel).
  • Supports mentions with the @ symbol. Typing “@” will bring up a list of all users in the course.
  • Quote other replies when responding.
  • Allow participants to report replies that are inappropriate or offensive.*

This feature is off by default and must be enabled to use.



Teachers who wish to switch to the new Discussions and Announcements interface prior to the July 20th mandatory update can do so from their Course Settings. Enabling this new feature will update all Discussions and Announcements in the course. Teachers can switch back to the classic design again up until the July 20th deadline.

  1. From the Course page, go to Settings > Feature Options [tab]
  2. Find “Discussions/Announcement Redesign” and click the X icon next to it on the right.
  3. Click “Enabled” to initiate the update.

To go back to the classic design, follow these steps again and choose “Disabled” in step 3. You will not be able to choose the classic design after July 20th.