Change your Goucher account password

Change your password from the Office365 portal Change your password from your Outlook inbox Reset your password from the Office365 login page Change your password from the Office365 portal Go to and sign in with your Microsoft ID (ex. and Goucher password. If you are already signed in, skip to Step 3. If […]

Resetting Your Default Keychain Password

Mac Users should update their keychain passwords any time they update their Goucher password.  This step is necessary for Mac users if they want to avoid losing any other saved non-Goucher passwords that are stored in their keychain. To Reset your default keychain password on Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5, and Mac […]

How to Connect to Goucher VPN

Description: VPN, short for Virtual Private Network, is a secure connection from a computer to a private network (such as Goucher College) over the internet. A VPN connection allows users who are away from campus to access files or websites usually only available from computers set up in offices, classrooms, or labs in campus buildings. […]

Online Meetings and Chat with Microsoft Teams

Teams is a web-based communication tool offering online calling, video conferencing, chat, and file sharing options. Plus, Teams is included in every Goucher Office 365 account, so it is available to all current faculty, staff, and students. Teams meetings have no real time limitation (30 hours)  and can include non-Goucher guests. Accessing Teams Starting a […]

Hold for Authentication Error

Hold for Authentication Error – Why this Happens The “Hold for Authentication” error, as shown below is common on Apple devices. This error is caused when incorrect credentials are entered when going to print. Your Mac by default, will attempt to use the local account name on your computer to login to the printer and […]

Update Windows Credentials

Windows Credentials Errors – Why this Happens For Goucher staff and faculty, your account password will expire every six months. If you are connected to GoucherWiFi or ethernet at the time it is changed, this password will update automatically on your Dell or Lenovo computer. However, if you are not connected to either GoucherWiFi or […]

What is Multi-Factor Authentication and Why Do We Need It?

Recently, cybersecurity has become a priority for businesses, government, and schools which is why Goucher has included this as part of the new strategic plan. One of the first cybersecurity projects Information technology (IT) is implementing is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA is a two-step process of providing access to a website or application for an […]