Using OneDrive

Included with your Office 365 account, OneDrive is an unlimited cloud drive similar to Box, Drop Box, and Google Drive. Using OneDrive to store computer files saves hard drive space, and makes sharing files and folders with other Goucher faculty, staff, and students easy. When you create or edit a document saved to OneDrive, from any location or any device, changes will automatically save back to your OneDrive account. 

Below are links to articles written by Microsoft support to help you get started using OneDrive. Please contact the IT Help Desk if you have any questions or need assistance with the install or an update.

OneDrive Quick Start Guide
A visual map of the OneDrive screen on browsers and the mobile app.

OneDrive Help and Learning Dashboard
Includes the links below and many more.

Installing OneDrive for Windows/Mac/Mobile
If you have Windows 10 or above, OneDrive is already installed on your PC. Use this link if you’re using a Mac, another version of Windows, or want to use the OneDrive mobile app,

Uploading and saving files and folders to OneDrive

Syncing files and folders between the web (cloud) version and your computer

Sharing OneDrive files and folders

Viewing Shared Folders (and Adding to My Files for quicker access)
When someone shares a folder with you, it appears in the Shared section of your OneDrive account on the web. If you have Edit permissions to those shared folders, you can add them to the My files section of your OneDrive to make them easier to access and work with.