Goucher Zoom Accounts

Goucher College uses Zoom to host online web meetings. Current faculty, staff, and students can use Zoom to collaborate synchronously online with or without a webcam. Use the following instructions to get started, upgrade your account (faculty/staff only), or get technical assistance.

  • Sign In / Create an account – 
    Accounts are created automatically the first time a user logs in successfully on our site.

    1. Go to http://goucher.zoom.us and click Sign In (NOT Sign Up) to launch a Goucher login page* with a campus picture on it.
      *If the Sign In link or Goucher login page do not appear, your browser is logging you into a generic account automatically. Please switch to another browser to complete this step.
      *You might be prompted to “switch accounts” if you previously had a Zoom account registered under your Goucher email address. This is correct. Please follow all prompts and instructions for switching your account over to Goucher’s hosted site.
    2. Enter your Goucher username (NOT email) and password to continue.

For first time users completing these steps, a basic account will be created for you automatically. A basic user can host meetings with up to 100 participants. If 3 or more participants join, the meeting will time out after 40 minutes.


  • Request a Licensed account for longer meeting times (faculty/staff only)-
    Once a basic account is setup using the instructions above, faculty and staff members who regularly need to host meetings longer than 40 minutes should email helpdesk@goucher.edu to request an upgraded Zoom license.
    Upgraded accounts are not available for students at this time.


  • Get Training and Technical Assistance
    We rely on the Zoom Help Center to provide technical assistance for our Zoom users. Refer to this this page for helpful instructions, training videos, and answers to questions about how to use Zoom. Please bookmark this page to use whenever you need Zoom support.