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Canvas Studio Resources

Canvas Studio – Main Resource Links

Canvas Studio in the Classroom:

Adding Videos To Your Canvas Studio Library: Recording Or Uploading

Making Canvas Studio  Videos Available To Others

Using Canvas Studio Video Quizzes

Managing Captions And Comments

Grading Or Analyzing Canvas Studio Interactions

Guide to Online Goucher Services for Faculty


Goucher Portal Portal.goucher.edu
  • Provides you with links to all campus systems, access to information, and campus services.
MyGoucher My.goucher.edu
  • Use for official course roster and for grades
  • More support: MyGoucher FAQs
Canvas Canvas.goucher.edu
  • Use as a course website; enrollment is automatic
  • Share materials with your students
  • More support: Canvas Support Page
Canvas Studio  Canvas.goucher.edu
  • Actively collaborate with students through video and audio media
  • Share comments on a media timeline
  • Create video-format quizzes
  • More support: Canvas Studio Resources
Teams Video Conferencing Share meeting link with participants where needed, such as inside a Canvas course or through email.
Portfolium Link inside every Canvas course

Can also setup direct login at https://portfolium.com/join

  • Have students upload and reflect on showcase learning experiences
  • Used in some courses to assess Goucher Commons requirements
  • More support: Portfolium FAQs
e2 Campus Notifications Tinyurl.com/e2-campus-goucher
  • Receive information about weather-related delays or emergencies
Password change Password.goucher.edu
  • Update your Goucher password