WebEx – Saving An Archived Meeting To Your Computer

Storing A Saved WebEx Meeting File To Your Computer Instructors and Meeting Hosts can save a backup copy of a recorded WebEx meeting to their own computer using the following steps. Go to http://goucher.webex.com Log in by clicking the “Host Log-in” button in the top right corner of the page. (You must use the same […]

Converting a WebEx Recording to an MP4 Format

This post is for faculty or staff who have already used WebEx and wish to maintain a saved meeting file for an extended time period. WebEx recordings are only stored on the server for a limited time period. Faculty or Meeting Hosts who wish to reuse a recording beyond the current semester will need to […]

Joining A WebEx Session

JOINING A SCHEDULED SESSION Go to https://goucher.webex.com (or use the link at the top of GoucherLearn) Check the list of sessions that appear under today’s date and click on the desired session name Click the “Join” button on the right (button usually becomes available 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time) Enter your name […]