Wade Saunders (American, b. 1949)

Granite – Height: 65 inches – 1990

Gift of Sidney and Jeah Flah Silber ’54 in 2015

About the Artist:

Wade Saunders is an active and living American Sculptor. He was born in Berkeley, California in 1949 and studied at the University of California, San Diego. He moved to France in 1990 and is currently working there with his wife, Anne Rochette, a french sculptor. He and his wife collaborate on written pieces together about the contemporary art world. Their articles can be read in BOOM magazine and Art in America. His work is represented in major North American museums, such as the Metropolitan Museum and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Saunders has an ever changing style. The themes and materials his uses are diverse and he plays with varying topics. Saunders incorporates ceramic, wood, granite, plastic, bronze, textiles and organic elements. He describes the influences of his sculptures coming from where in the world he is when currently working.


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