Celena Dyal presents at Goucher Student Symposium

(from left to right): Scott P. Sibley, Celena Dyal, Uta Larkey

On April 26, Goucher sponsored a day long student and faculty symposium. The symposium includes multiple events in one, such as the Digital Media Showcase and Contest, the Julia Rogers Research Prizes, and Independent Study and Research Presentations on research-based and creative works that stem from student-faculty partnerships.


As part of the symposium, Celena Dyal (Chemistry Major, ’17) showcased the outcome of an independent study project she conducted in fall 2016 in German with Uta Larkey. Her presentation was titled “Patente auf Pflanzen in Deutschland” (Patenting of Plants in Germany). For the project, she researched and studied laws, regulations, and problems that occur with the relatively new practice to patent plants. In particular, she discussed problems that stem from the fact that most patent seeds are now controlled by a few large companies such as Monsanto. The presentation was well attended and ended with a Q & A session.

Student Presentations at the Holocaust Student Symposium in Baltimore

(student presenters from left to right): Madeleine Moss, Jenson Simmons, Elyse Pyle, Melissa Michon (not pictured), and Dr. Uta Larkey

On April 9 2017, four Goucher students who are currently taking Dr. Uta Larkey’s class “Literature and Film of the Holocaust” presented at the Holocaust Student Symposium. The event was sponsored and hosted by the Jewish Museum of Maryland. The symposium gives students the opportunity to publicly share their work while also inviting audience discourse and feedback.  The Goucher students explored topics such as the “Aktion T-4” – a program during which more than 70.000 people were killed in psychiatric institutions -, children in hiding during the Nazi regime, and individual stories of Holocaust survivors and non-Jewish victims. Dr. Larkey and Dr. Martin Shuster – who is currently teaching “Ethics after Auschwitz” took both of their classes to the event – a total of 30 Goucher students. All of the students attended the symposium and explored the current exhibitions in the Jewish Museum of Maryland after the presentations.

25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Nov. 13th, 7:00 pm, Soper Room (JR 227)

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 7.24.09 PMPlease join us for a presentation that will commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. We will screen a documentary  that explores the history of the Berlin Wall and how the STASI (secret police) observed, oppressed and persecuted GDR citizens. We will follow the short documentary with a look at three graphic novels that tell different personal stories about the GDR. You will hear about an escape attempt via tunnel, the story of a teenager who was observed by the STASI for his involvement in the GDR peace movement, and the autobiographical account of an artist who left the GDR with his parents in the beginning 1980s. The presentation will also feature an exhibition of one of the graphic novels (translated into English).
presenters: Antje Krueger, Justine Ruhlin (’15)

Short film about Emeritus Professor Wolf Thormann by Michael Christen (’14)

WolfMichael Christen presented a short film about Emeritus Professor Wolf Thormann on April 5th for the re-dedication of the Wolf Thormann Center in Julia Rogers. Wolf Thormann was a Professor of French at Goucher College from 1960-1989. In addition, he served as chair of the Modern Languages Department for numerous years. He received many awards and honors for his engagement for and services to the French Culture. Wolf Thormann was born in Frankfurt, Germany, emigrated with his family to France in 1933, and served in the US Army during WWII. Michael Christen film gives an account of this part of his biography.  

See here for Michael Christen’s short film.


Antje Krüger and Justine Ruhlin (’15) presented at NeMLA


DruebenOn April 6th, Antje Krüger and Justine Ruhlin (’15) presented a paper at the annual convention of the Northeast Modern Language Association in Harrisburg. They participated in a panel that addressed questions of how to teach GDR History to American Undergraduates. The paper was the first co-authored conference presentation by a professor and student!

See here for more information on the conference