Verge 12

Verge 12 Contents

Erin Collins and Kat Quintanilla, Characterization of the Interactions within Cleaning Stations of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef and their Vertebrate Clients

Collin Hayes, Helicobacter pylori and the Development of Gastric Cancer

JoAnna Ramsey, A Matter of Persuasion: The American Government’s Use of Psychological Warfare During World War II

Eliana Zimet, Rainbow Herring: the Anti-Homosexuality Bill as a Case Study of Human Rights Violations and Cover-Ups in Uganda

Isaiah Zukowski, Torn to pieces: the Baltimore Sun and the case of George Scott

Talia Kaatz, Nobody’s Talking: Transgender and Intersex Topics in Sex Education

Davin Ng, Converging Regulations for the Chemical Industries of ASEAN: Feasibility from a Political Perspective

Collin Hayes, Ecological and Evolutionary Trends of Lyme disease in the Northeastern United States

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