Verge 4 (2007-2008)

Justin Bakhshai, Emily Herren, Mark Hucks, Marisa Long, and Jaclyn Lyman, “The Discussion and Analysis of Carbohydrates in the Context of Athletes and Athletic Nutrition

Jaime Bogardy, “So you want to be a spy?

Jessie Dixon,”“Nether in bowre ne in halle:” Reconciling Public and Private in “The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle”“, nominated by Arnold Sanders, Associate Professor of English 

Rebecca Gil, “Never Forget

Daniel Pines “A Two-Tiered Analysis of the Outsider Within’s Relationship to the Construction of Race“, nominated by Margret Grebowicz, Assistant Professor of Philosophy 

Michelle Marx, “An Anomalous Reaction of Silicon Oxide and Aluminum via Ball Milling“, nominated by Ali Bakhshai, Professor of Physics

Megan Davis, “A Summary of Current Ideas on Synesthesia“, nominated by Carol Mills, Professor of Psychology

Jared Margulies, “Green Wood?: Sustainable Forestry and the Forest Stewardship Council

Lauren Shull, “Censorship of the BBC under Prime Ministers Thatcher and Blair