Verge 2

Miriam Ani, “Interlacings: Naturalism and Christianity in Frank Norris’s McTeague, nominated by Mary Marchand

Anne Bardaglio, “”Upsilamba!”: the Joy and Sanctuary of Fiction in Reading Lolita in Tehran, nominated by Irline François

Shani Bob, Meghan Doherty, Sarah Littman, Nancy Welch, “Peace and Conflict in The Democratic Republic of the Congo”, nominated by Seble Dawit

Rebecca Haines Rosenberg, “The Many Sides of the Beloved: Symbolism and Significance of David and Ganymede in Italian Renaissance Art”, nominated by Lynne Johnson

Diana Jacobs, “From the Ivory Tower to the Days of Sulha: Parallel Concepts of Reconciliation in Judaism and Islam and Anecdotal Manifestations”, nominated by Amalia Honick

Adriane Koenig, “Machines Explore Their Sensitive Side: The Emergence of Robot Art”, nominated by Mark McKibben

Jen Malkoun, “Why We Feel Powerless? How Income, Education and Race Influence Political Alienation within the United States”, nominated by Janet Shope

Helen McLaughlin, “Were Their Eyes Watching the Ladies?: The Treatment of African American Women in Harlem Renaissance Literature”, nominated by Angelo Robinson

Ann Thomas, “Emission Wavelength Dependence of Fluorescence Lifetimes of Bacteriological Spores”, nominated by Dave Baum

Sarah Tripp, “The Aging Brain: Theories of our Inevitable Cognitive Decline”, nominated by Carol Mills

Nancy Welch, “Un Examen de L’Identité « Africaine »”, nominated by Florence Martin

Anita Wheeler, “Redefining Justice: Rwanda’s development of Inkiko Gacaca — a village-based community justice”, nominated by David Smith