The Student Bill of Rights

Right I: Free Speech
Students have the right to speak and express themselves freely. Students may congregate freely provided that college operations are not unreasonably obstructed. This right shall extend to all areas of student life and shall be protected in the utmost by the Student Government Association. Student media organizations, including but not limited to a school paper and radio station, are pillars of free speech that allow student voices to be represented both on and off campus. Student Government shall do everything in its power to protect and maintain these institutions. Harassment, slander, hate speech, and libel are not protected forms of speech.

Right II: Equal Protection
Students have the right to equal protection under the rules and regulations of all campus institutions and departments. Students shall be free from discrimination, which includes but is not limited to discrimination based on race, religion, sex, ethnicity, age, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, political preference, and national origin.

Right III: Academic Freedom
Students have the right to pursue intellectual discourse in and outside of the classroom which shall not be inhibited for reasons based on their views. Students may invite and hear any person of their own choosing, with the understanding that guest speakers do not represent the views of
Goucher College. Students shall not be discriminated against based on their political beliefs.

Right IV: Participation in Campus Governance
Students have the right, individually and collectively, to express their views and participate informing campus policy which affects students, staff, faculty and the community as a whole. Students are to be notified of new campus policies and or changes in existing policy within 5 days of administrative decisions. This is to ensure dialogue and community input in important campus wide decisions. Constructive student opinions may be represented student
organizations that provide the opportunity for a public forum.

Right V: Free Press
Students have the right to a free press. Student journalists are free to write critically without interference or fear of retribution. A journalist may not be forced to reveal any information about his/her sources, documents, conversations, written exchanges, notes, recordings, and
methods, to the extent provided by the Maryland Shield Law.

Right VI: Privacy
Students have the right to privacy. Rooms shall not be entered without the occupying student’s permission unless there is suspicion of serious illegal activity, or if there is a threat to the health and safety of members of the community. Community Living also reserves the right to check rooms during breaks, but shall only inspect items left in plain view.

Right VII: Appeals
Students have the right to appeal any administrative, academic or disciplinary decision that affects them directly; including need based financial aid decisions and grades. All appeals are made in accordance with official college policy.

Right VIII: Rights of the Accused
Students accused of violations of the Code of Conduct have a right to a Judicial Board hearing, an Administrative penalty or an Administrative hearing.