Current Initiatives

 ‣ To support (and defer to) the Black Student Union’s (formerly Umoja’s) efforts to get rid of Gardaworld on Goucher’s campus

  ‣ To push back against the adoption of Gardaworld without student input by creating a student-led oversight committee to monitor infractions by Gardaworld officers against students until the realization of the BSU’s goal

 ‣  To define this committee’s powers to hold officers accountable, whether through administrative delegation or through students’ power to protest

 ‣ To establish long-term sustainability measures within GSG as a failsafe in case inactivity serves to empty the oversight committee of members

 ‣ To fill this committee with socially conscious students aware of the harmful interplay between race, class, and law enforcement

 ‣ To publish polls and maintain open channels of contact in order to advise administration on efforts to create transparency in the administrative process as it regards student safety

If any of the above information is incorrect or missing, please email us at and we will rectify it promptly.