What We've Accomplished (Lately)

1. Met with:
    ‣ College President (monthly)
    ‣ VP/Dean of Students (bi-weekly)
    ‣ VPs (irregularly)
    ‣ Faculty Chair/Administrative Employee Association (AEA) (bi-weekly)
    ‣ Enrollment Management

2. Created a dining hall group that regularly meets with Bon Appétit to discuss both the macro and micro challenges with food on campus     
    ‣ Increased Alices food options
    ‣ Made it possible for students with mobility disabilities to use the side entrance to Mary Fisher

3. Advocated and pushed for the change in CPE requirement to make it easier for students to complete requirements

4. Created a website and social media presence 

5. Had over 40% of a student body turn out in elections – a higher percentage than any Goucher election in the school’s history

6. Selected students to serve on the Academic Policies Committee, Curriculum Committee, Board of Trustees Committees, Provost Committee 

7. Supported the Middle States evaluation

8. Increased student knowledge of ways to engage with the college

9. Developed a positive relationship with AAGC

10. Built a growing relationship with the Board of Trustees

11. Increased student participation with the Board of Trustees 

12. Educated Admissions staff on GSG

13. Organized Townhall events related to program prioritization

14. Supported Rollout of EAB

15. Worked actively around accessibility issues on campus related to elevators, lifts etc.

16. Held consistent retreats

17. Created Presidential Search student focus groups

18. Facilitated shift to eCampus from Barnes and Noble

19. Advocated for an in-house student store. (which was ultimately implemented) 

20. Assisted the CARE faculty group in student outreach and response

Note: This is not a complete list of accomplishments, but rather a compilation of a single semester’s accomplishments by Sam Anderson. If you wish to add to this list, please submit your additions to gsg@goucher.edu.