“To Medusa” by Kate Libit

to medusa


I wonder if you ever thought,

As you lay violated on Athena’s doorstep,

That you would become an unwitting icon

Of unabashed female strength and power.


If you ever imagined a world

Where beings bearing a feminine identity

Could fight for her rights to beat back

Against the supposéd hero defining her.


If you ever gloried in your ability

To turn lustful flesh into rock, defying him

Who sees you as a challenge to overpower

And nothing else, not heeding your hate.


I wonder if you ever mourned

Your snakeskin sisters who used goddess

Given gifts to take away Choice, that

Elusive thing, away from the less fortunate.


But I know one thing-

The patriarchal world is ever-present

But it is not so powerful that we cannot

Retake and reshape it into one where the

Law is set, not in their stone, but in ours.