Do you have a photograph, painting, sculpture, design, collage, or other work that you would like to see in our next edition? Follow the guidelines below, and your art will be reviewed by the Preface staff. Due to the professional printing we use, we can only accept art that follows the guidelines, which ensures that your work will look its best in the magazine.

(1) Get your work into the correct format:

    (a) Digital photograph or art

          (i) We review works that are 300dpi (or more), larger than 2” by 2”, and almost any file format.

          (ii) Don’t know what this means or how to get your art in the correct format?

                Email for questions and help.

    (b) Printed photograph or painting

          (i) Scan your art at the library at 300dpi (or more). Make sure it is larger than 2” by 2”.

          (ii) If you don’t know how to scan at this resolution or need help:

               Email for questions and help.

    (c) Sculpture, design, large painting or other works that cannot be scanned

          (i) Take a high-quality, digital photo of your work. Put it on the computer and set it to 300dpi.

          (ii) If you don’t have a camera or need help, email for questions and help.

(2) SUBMIT your work to the Preface

          (i) Once you have your piece in the correct format:


                (a) In the SUBJECT line: Put your full name and the piece’s title (if applicable)

                (b) Attach your file to the email

                (c) Send to