Melvin 1My name is Melvin Peña; I’m originally from El Salvador. As in now, I’m a Spanish and Education double major at Goucher, class of 2018. Being part of the Language House has been an amazing experience. You get to experience new cultures while you share your own with the other members in the Language House. There are many benefits of being part of the language house, from being able to have a conversation in the language you’re studying and work together in your assignments to get the opportunity to interact with the professors that also live in the Language House. Either at dinner or during one of the many activities the Language House has to offer. Another benefit of being of the Melvin 2Language House is that you get to live in a suite with one roommate and two suite mates. The suites at the Language House are honestly the best dorms on campus. You have a lot of space in your dorm, and you only have to share a bathroom with three other people.