Application Process

The application deadline for the 2020/2021 Language House is March 24th 2020!

Note:  This web page is designed for students who are already taking classes at Goucher College.  If you are an incoming student looking for information about the Language House, kindly refer to the written correspondence which you received from the Admissions Office.

Completing A Special Interest Housing Application

If you are interested in the Language House, you will need to complete an application that is separate from the Room Draw Form. These housing applications are available on the online housing software: The Housing Director. You can access the software on this link

While you do not have to have paid your enrollment and housing deposits at the time of application for these special interest houses, in order to be accepted and participate in the room selection for these programs, you will need to have paid your deposits by the college’s deadline. Acceptance to a Special Interest House or On Campus Apartment will always be dependent on paying your enrollment and housing deposits on time.

The application consists of a series of questions. Here, you may be asked if you have previously resided in the Language House. This will determine the questions you are asked to answer. Take the time to complete the application before submitting it.

You can apply to live in the Language House with a roommate (mention their name in the application) or by yourself. You can also apply to the LH if you are going to be abroad one semester, just make sure you mention what semester you will be studying abroad on your application.