Maite Gomis-Quinto

¡Hola a tod@s!Maite Frontera fixed

My name is Maite Gomis Quinto and I am from Alicante, a small city in the Southeast of Spain.

I studied English Philology in the Universidad de Alicante and I then moved to the United States to do my Graduate Studies. I have a Master’s in Foreign Languages, with a concentration in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. My second Master’s Degree is in Secondary Education.

I came to Goucher in 2007 and I have to say that the experience so far has been great! I teach Spanish full time and I direct the Language House with my French colleague, Gwendoline. Living on campus for me has been a very nice adventure. I have made great friends and I have learned lots about the American culture. I love being able to meet different people from all over the US and also from all over the world! The Language House gives you the opportunity to do that and more!.

I love my job, and I am especially happy for the opportunities that I have had to travel abroad with Goucher students in different Intensive Courses Abroad (ICAs) . The ICAs require lots of preparation, recruiting, and organizing efforts, but it is a very gratifying experience, because you get to know the students in your group better and you share amazing experiences with them.

Come and meet our international community! Welcome to the Language House!!


Gwendoline Koudinoff

Bonjour tout le monde !

My name is Gwendoline Koudinoff. I am from Lyon, a city in the southeast of France.

I graduated in English and have a Master’s in Anglophone studies at the Universités de Lyon. I taught English from 2014 to 2019 in Montpellier and Lyon before teaching French at Goucher College.

My experience as a Language House co-director with my Spanish colleague Maite has been fantastic! Every week I am excited to plan social events to bring language learners and international students together.

Living on campus as a full-time faculty is a great opportunity to know students better and to meet people from all the US as well as from all around the world.

I am happy to transmit the culture of the French-speaking world to the Language House and to contribute to Goucher’s wonderful sense of community.

Bienvenue à la Maison des Langues !