BAB welcomes a wide variety of contributions, including notes on materials housed in local collections, insights on particular books, illustrators, and/or book artists, reviews of book-related physical and web-based exhibitions and/or digital resources, and reflections on issues and/or current events surrounding book history and the book arts.


1/ Notes

Please send us your contribution in Microsoft Word format at Contributions should be limited to 2500 words or less, with no more than 3 images. At the end of your post, please include one or two sentences about yourself, the name of your institution (if applicable) and/or a link to your website, Facebook page, Twitter profile, or Instagram.

2/ Images & Videos

We welcome photo and video essays that present a book, an exhibition, or any aspect of the book arts. Please send us no more than 5 images in JPEG format or videos up to 5 minutes in MP4 format, accompanied by an explanation of no more than 500 words.

Please include the book title, author name, publishing location and year (if known), publisher, and edition number (if known).


We will get back to you regarding edits and publication as soon as possible!