Hypocrite by Sarah Dreyfus

our friends slap their bare feet in the dirt and pebble puddles down the

little alley off E.27 next to the garage with the vines like curtains


unveiling a pink cat’s face spray painted this water falling keeps

us huddled like parkas in winter I told myself we wouldn’t be


here again we’re too close to this brick star shaped structure we made for

the fire our shoelaces practically poking the embers so i nod


toward the house we should head back now before going

back to the keg i told myself i’d just be tipsy this time and


now Lauryn Hill’s coddling us you cradle my knuckles your thumb plucks

my spine for a second now that hand’s in my back side right pocket i move


some hair from my nose and you pull at my fingertips your thumb circles

slowly in my palm nudging your head to my ear you don’t really move


your body any which way do you i do my best to not sway back

and forth in complete and utter warmth my god i wish again and again


i looked up from the fire into both your eyes; said something real

simple like i’m so glad to just stand here with you



for a.t.