“Calle de la Argentina, España” by Frances Harvey

Calle de la Argentina, España

whether it was

cheaper or had a cherished

fifth bedroom the family

preferred the opposite side

of the street fifteen meters

facing diverging concrete

four stains of traffic

separating them from

petroleum dust they packed

their nails and shoes in zip

lock bags made their escape

in less than five hours less

than the time it took for me

to explore the shelled veins

of this city the first thing I

thought was how am I

supposed to say goodbye

I can’t even say goodbye

in my native language

what if instead I just asked

how they got the movers so

riled up so frantic to be

able to move ancient wood

and spit up plastic across

the asphalt maybe in this

epoch they can light their

eyes with some kind of

molecular blaze maybe

this is what gets them

going maybe this is what

keeps them from fleeing