Adi Daniels

Salut! My name is Adi I am a International Relations and French double major. This is my FOURTH year living in the Language House and I am truly so grateful for what Language House has offered me my entire college education. Going to French table every week has been a lifesaver for me in terms of becoming more comfortable with speaking French casually. By the time I went abroad to Brussels my junior year, I had no issue initiating conversations with native French speakers and picking up colloquial phrases. Language House helped improve my French and become friends with like-minded people who also share a passion for learning languages. This place will always be a second home for me. I have also been able to arrange my own language events through Language House, specifically for other speakers and learners of Arabic. In collaboration with the Language House professors, I have been able to plan and create Arabic tables, cooking events, and cultural activities. The most popular event I, the Arabic Club, and the Language House have created so far together are our dabkeh lesson nights. Together, we learn dabkeh (Arabic folk dance) which is super fun and easy and gives non-Arabic speakers an exciting look at Middle Eastern culture. I hope to see you at some dabkeh lessons in the future :).