What We Do

The functions of the Writing Center are fairly simple. We do anything we can to help anyone who is part of the Goucher community with any piece of writing in any stage of the writing process. If that seems to be an overwhelmingly broad definition, well, it is. Access to Writing Center tutors is free for all members of the Goucher community.

Writing Center tutors help writers, but we do not write or edit or proofread papers for writers.  To do so would violate the Academic Honor Code.  For this reason, we cannot accept papers dropped off at the Center, but we will meet with writers to teach them new ways to create and to edit their papers.

In the past we have served the following functions:

Brainstorming:  for anything from finding a thesis to gathering ideas to outlining paragraphs, we are available to simply sit and talk to students who need to organize their thoughts about a given assignment.

Organization:  we can look at outlines and notes and help determine a way to coherently organize your thoughts about a given assignment.

Revision and Rewriting:  for that paper that did not do as well as anticipated, we can help make sense of a professor’s comments and problems, and offer suggestions on how to improve the paper.

Proofreading:  while we are not merely a proofreading service, we do teach writers to learn to identify mechanical and format errors in their work.

Fiction writing:  many of us are fiction and poetry writers ourselves, and it’s always interesting to see what other people are putting together. We can help with plot, form, dialogue, structure, or just read it over and respond like a workshop class would.

Speaking sessions: we offer speaking sessions for multilingual learners to practice their English. Additionally, if you need an audience for a presentation that you have, we would be happy to be this audience and provide feedback.

Presentation Support: we can be your practice audience for oral and group presentations. We can help with brainstorming, organization, and general presentation tips. Group presentations are welcome as well!

A typical writing center session is anything but typical. Each session is individually designed to help whatever the particular student needs assistance with. Anything related to writing, we can handle, so bring it on in.


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