What services do you offer at the Writing Center?

The Writing Center offers one-on-one tutoring sessions on any issue related to writing. We also organize events and offer workshops on different writing, reading, and literacy topics.

Who uses the Writing Center?

The Writing Center is for all writers, including students, faculty, and staff. The service is free of charge. Each session is individually designed to meet the needs of the tutee, which allows us to accommodate to different learning abilities.

Are the tutors qualified to work with students whose first language in not English?

Yes, our tutors are trained in second language writing and know how to respond to the texts of multilingual students.

What will the Writing Center do for me?

We can work with you on any stage of the writing process: brainstorming, drafting, revising, planning, editing, etc. Our sessions are conversational, where we discuss with you the text or ideas you bring in. Given the importance of the conversational aspect of tutoring, we don’t accept dropping off papers nor do we edit your work for you.

Why do people come to the Writing Center?

Writers need readers; our tutors are responsive readers who can work with you to produce stronger pieces of writing.

Are all your tutors English majors?

We have tutors from a variety of disciplines. Consult our “Meet the Staff” page for the tutors’ bios: https://blogs.goucher.edu/writingcenter/meet-the-staff/

Can I bring in a personal piece to work on?

Absolutely! We can work with you on anything you bring to us, including job applications, personal statements, emails, creative pieces, etc.

How can I make an appointment?

For free, face-to-face 30- or 60- minute sessions, visit our schedule page to register https://goucher.mywconline.com/

Once a registered user, you can schedule an appointment by picking a time slot that suits you and filling out the appointment form.

Make sure to bring with you

  • the assignment guidelines or prompt
  • written draft if you have one
  • willingness to take part in the session

If you face any difficulties scheduling an appointment using the online scheduling system, please email us at gwctutor@gmail.com

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes, walk-in hours are advertised on the whiteboard in our Center and they also appear on our scheduling system:


Also, if you happen to be passing by the Writing Center, ask a tutor about those hours. Tutors can help you schedule appointments too.

What are your hours of operation?

Our opening hours for the spring semester are as follows:
Monday, Thursday, and Sunday: 12-10 PM
Tuesday: 2 PM -10 PM
Wednesday: 10 AM-10 PM
Friday: 10 AM-5 PM

Walk-in hours: Monday 6-7 PM and Thursday 7-8 PM

Please consult our online scheduling system, as our hours change depending on demand and tutors’ availability.

Where are you located?

We are currently located on the third floor of the Athenaeum.

Are you on social media? What’s your website and email address?

Yes! We post writing tips, news, event announcements, tutors’ bios, and much more on our social media sites. You can even schedule an appointment with us through our Facebook page. For more information about the Center, please check out our website: www.goucher.edu/writingcenter. Our email address is gwctutor@gmail.com.

Facebook: Goucher College Writing Center, Twitter: @GoucherWritingCenter

How can I become a tutor at the Writing Center?

Our tutors are highly qualified students who have been trained in writing instruction and tutoring. Upon successfully completing the tutor training course (4 credits), the Director selects potential tutors from among those students. If you are interested in becoming a tutor, email us at gwctutor@gmail.com.

Goucher College Writing Center Facebook Page