Meet the Staff

Our staff consists of tutors and professionals from a wide range of disciplines. We are passionate about writing and are committed to providing you with the guidance and help you need.

Support Staff

Lana Oweidat Director
Lana Oweidat, she/her/hers
Lana is the Director of the Writing Center and an Assistant Professor. Her doctorate degree is in rhetoric and composition and she holds a graduate certificate in women’s, gender, and sexuality studies. Before coming to Goucher, she served as an associate director of composition and an assistant director of the student writing center at Ohio University. She has taught a wide range of courses in English and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies. Her areas of specialization include writing center theory and practice, multilingual writing, and transnational feminist rhetorics.

Student Coordinators

Madeline Tredway, she/her
Creative Writing; Professional Writing
Madeline is a senior pursuing a creative writing major and a professional writing minor, She is happy to work with any type of writing but especially appreciates creative work. She is most comfortable with MLA citation and is familiar with APA and Chicago. Outside of writing, Madeline enjoys reading, taking walks, listening to music, and staring at the wall.
Cas Sturdivant, he/him
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Chemistry
Cas is a sophomore pursuing a double major in BCMB and Chemistry. His specialty is in scientific writing, especially lab reports and research papers, but he is also familiar with sociology and creative writing. Cas is enthusiastic about the entire writing process with an interest in outlining and revising to bring out details that make a piece unique. Plus, he can help in any part of the research process. While most experienced with APA and citation styles such as Taylor & Francis found in some journals, he has also used ASA, MLA, and Chicago before. For fun, he likes cooking, gardening, and writing.
Daryn Carter, she/her
International Relations and Spanish
Daryn is a senior pursuing a double major in International Relations and Spanish. She is most familiar with MLA and APA citation styles as well as writing within the humanities or social sciences. She is happy to help with any part of the writing process, but her favorite stages are prewriting, drafting, and revising. Outside of academics, Daryn plays field hockey. She also enjoys hanging out with friends, reading, and baking.
Thea Roland, she/her
Sociology; Spanish
Thea is a senior pursuing a Spanish minor and a sociology major. She can work throughout the writing process but especially loves to brainstorm with students and help with organization. Thea is most familiar with ASA, MLA, and Chicago styles of citations but is willing to work with any! Thea loves research papers, creative writing, and working within the humanities but can also support 100/200 level Spanish papers. You may find Thea in the dance department boogieing, walking in the woods, cooking, and trying all the types of cheese known to man.
Jupiter Berrysmith, he/they
Creative Writing; Communications
Jupiter is a junior majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Communications. He is excited to help with any genre and aspect of the writing process but has a penchant for brainstorming and any creative work. They are most familiar with MLA citations, however they do have the capability to assist with all citation styles. When not at the writing center, they can be found spending time with friends, reading and writing poetry, or editing Goucher’s literary magazine, Preface.

Peer Tutors

Enzo Rocksmith, he/him
Writing; Computer Science
Enzo is a junior writing and computer science major. He can work with any piece at any stage, including revision, polishing, outlining, organizing, and just working through difficult sections. He also has significant experience with creative work, especially fiction, where he specializes in prose and planning. MLA and APA are his most comfortable styles. Outside the writing center, he tries to escape into lucid dreams, but settles for horror movies, martial arts, and writing his second novel.
Josue Melendez, he/they
Spanish; Latin American Studies; Psychology
Josue is a Spanish Major, with Minors in Latin American Studies and Psychology. They can help with any stage of writing and with many styles, but are particularly fond of MLA. They are also capable of tutoring in both English and Spanish, so please don’t hesitate in coming to them for help. Outside of academics, they like to be with their family, play games, read books, and sleep!
Lea Singer, they/she
Creative Writing; Philosophy
Lea is a junior Creative Writing major and a Philosophy minor. They are happy to help with any part of the writing process, but especially enjoy figuring out the structure and organization of a piece. She loves working with creative pieces such as poems or short stories, but can also help with research and theoretical papers! They are most familiar with MLA, but will do their absolute best with other citation styles. Outside of the Writing Center, they love to write music, have existential crises with their friends about late stage capitalism, and make truly terrible cookies.
Rory Sweeting, he/him
Professional and Creative Writing; History
Rory is a junior majoring in Professional and Creative Writing on a Creative track, with a minor in History. He is very interested in seeing how the writer’s personality is reflected in their work, and enjoys hearing and learning from perspectives different from his own. He hopes to push his tutees to grow as writers, while also being there for them when they need help. He is mostly familiar with MLA, but is willing and able to work with any type of citation. When not tutoring, you will find Rory hanging out in the Ath, doing homework, working for the Quindecim, or just taking a quiet walk in the woods.
Sydney Nwuli, she/her
Political Science; Legal Studies; Media and Communications
Sydney is a senior pursuing a major in Political Science and minors in Legal Studies and Media and Communications. While she has the most experience with research and argument-based essays, she is willing and eager to assist her peers with any form of writing. She is here to help at any stage in the writing process! Sydney is most familiar with MLA and Chicago format but will do her best to guide a tutee needing help with any format. She enjoys working out and listening to music in her free time.
Hadley Dowell, she/her
Pre-health; Biology, Chemistry, and Professional Writing
Hadley is a pre-health junior majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Professional Writing. With experience in scientific writing, research papers, and various creative styles, she is well-versed in both MLA and APA citation formats. Hadley thoroughly enjoys assisting throughout the entire writing process, particularly during the research and outlining stages. When she’s not studying, she enjoys reading, writing, documentary-watching, and socializing with friends.
Aviva Datlof, she/her
Psychology; Professional Writing
Aviva is a sophomore pursuing a major in Psychology and a minor in Professional Writing. She loves to assist with all stages of the writing process, especially brainstorming, outlining, and revision. Aviva enjoys working with all genres of writing, specifically, research-based assignments. She is most familiar with MLA and APA citation styles but would love to work with writers of all disciplines. In her free time, Aviva enjoys spending time with her dogs, cooking, and going on adventures with friends and family. 
Emily Quinn, she/her
Literary Studies; Spanish
Emily is a junior majoring in Literary Studies and minoring in Spanish. She is able and excited to assist during any point of the writing process but feels that she can be most helpful with brainstorming as well as revision. She strives to work with tutees in a way that puts empathy at the forefront of growth and success. She is most familiar with MLA and APA citations. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer on the Goucher women’s team, listening to music, reading, and spending time with friends and family.
Shelby Meek, she/her
Communications; Professional Writing
Shelby is a sophomore pursuing a major in Communications with a minor in Professional Writing. She can help assist with any stage of the writing process but is particularly fond of revision, outlining, and brainstorming. Shelby enjoys working will all genres of writing, especially research-based essays or assignments. Shelby is also most familiar with MLA and APA citations. Outside of working at the writing center, you will see her on the tennis courts with her teammates, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends.

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